Normally, It isn't necessary any configuration to integrate Folks with a web application. But, for advanced features and other customizations you can configure it. The basic configuration scenarios are:
  1. Control Registration - Register Folks in Web.config instead of every Page.
  2. ViewState Optimization - To not send the ViewState through Folks' requests.

Control Registration

To register Folks in Web.config you can just add the code below inside pages' controls element.

<add tagPrefix="folks" assembly="Folks" namespace="Folks.UI" />


<pages autoEventWireup="false" enableViewStateMac="false"  >
		<add tagPrefix="folks" assembly="Folks" namespace="Folks.UI" />

ViewState Optimization

To use the FolksManager's OptimizeViewState property you need to configure a Adapter for the Page type. To do this, create a .browser file in App_Browsers ASP.NET folder and add the code below:

	<browser refID="Default">
			<adapter controlType="System.Web.UI.Page"
                     adapterType="Folks.UI.Adapters.FolksPageAdapter, Folks" />

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